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2 years ago

Base on Eq the quadratic

Base on Eq. (2), the quadratic model predicted that the maximum yield of taurine was 13.2 mg/g when the extraction time, ultrasonic power, and extraction temperature were 38.3 min, 300.0 W, and 40.5 °C, respectively.
3.2. Verification experiments
Experiments were carried out to verify the results of the BBD experiments as well as confirm the utility of this ABT737 model. Using the previously mentioned optimized conditions, the maximum yield of taurine was 13.0 mg/g (Table 4). These results suggest that the experimental and predicted values were in good agreement. The

2 years ago

To examine the fermentation efficiency of sugars saccharified

To examine the fermentation efficiency of sugars saccharified from ChOAc or EmimOAc-pretreated DYKDDDDK with a different number of post-pretreatment wash times, the pretreated bagasse powder, which was washed 1–5 times, was enzymatically hydrolyzed for 48 h, followed by ethanol fermentation using yeast MT8-1 for another 48 h. Fig. 2C shows ethanol yield on a glucose basis obtained at 48 h of fermentation from glucose generated by saccharification of ChOAc or EmimOAc-pretreated bagasse with a different number of wash times. The ethanol yield enhanced along with the number of washing times, reaching saturated values, irrespective of the ILs. The ethanol yield for the case of ChOAc was higher than mesophyll for the cases of EmimOAc at 1 and 2 wash times. The ethanol yields at 2 wash times were 73% and 54% in the cases of ChOAc and EmimOAc, respectively. The ethanol yields were almost at the constant level of around 75% irrespective of the ILs at 3–5 wash times.